Bay Photonics participating in £7.5M AIRQKD project to develop quantum secured telecommunications

Bay Photonics has joined forces with BT as well as high-tech Cambridge spin-out Nu-Quantum, Belfast-based Angoka, Bristol-based Duality Quantum Photonics and London-based Arqit, to combine multiple cutting-edge quantum technologies as part of a world’s-first trial of end-to-end quantum-secured communications for 5G and connected cars. Kicking-off...


Bay Photonics expands its team in these tough times

  Bay Photonics are pleased to announce the expansion of our team, now based at EPIC, Paignton. Three new employees started over the last month: Dr Andrew Robertson joins us as Manger of Innovation and Research from his influencial role at Gooch & Housego. Geoff Dumas joins to complement...