Organisations supported

University projects

We have a proven track record of collaboration with many UK and European Universities on diverse projects pushing future technologies including Medical telecom/datacom (5G/Terahertz), High Temperature Mining exploration and Quantum technologies for secure communication.

SME development projects

We have helped many spin-out/micro/small companies develop their innovative photonic ideas into prototypes, then production devices used in Marine detection, Medical applications and High Speed data (100Gb/s).

Tier 1 Company prototype research, assembly, prototype packaging and test

Bay Photonics have worked closely with many well-known component and system providers including OCLARO, BAe, GE and others to provide prototyping capability, design and manufacture for PIC, MEMs technology and others.

Consortia participants

Bay Photonics are the perfect partner for your Grant funded project where we have experienced successful projects with InnovateUK (QKD, PIC packaging, gas detection) and the EU H2020 (THz signal processing and PIC packaging) programs.  We are also active participants in the steering committees for these awards.

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