Packaging Technologies Meet Quantum Opportunities

Packaging Technologies Meet Quantum Opportunities



Dr Andrew Robertson, Head of Research & Innovation at Bay Photonics is interviewed by Palomar Technologies on the critical role photonic packaging will play for the future commercialization of quantum enabled applications such as quantum computing, QKD, optical magnetometers, gravimeters and highly accurate inertial navigation systems. Read the interview here

Bay Photonics are increasingly finding themselves as a critical link in the quantum supply chain providing packaging solutions for devices such as single photon avalanche detectors (SPADs), single photon emitters and quantum photonic integrated circuits (Q-PICs). The commercialization of number of quantum applications will require the development of low cost photonic packaging, a key element of which will be the development of highly accurate auto-alignment workstations.

Bay Photonics have been working in partnership with Palomar Technologies,  a leading supplier of automated microelectronic assembly machines and contract assembly services with specialization in precision die attach, wire bonding and vacuum reflow solutions, regularly using the state-of-the-art Palomar 3880 Die Bonder located at the EPIC facility in Paignton ( ). 


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