New ultra-sensitive high quantum efficiency balanced detector development collaboration at Bay Photonics

New ultra-sensitive high quantum efficiency balanced detector development collaboration at Bay Photonics

Bay Photonics announces the kick-off of the HiQuED (High Quantum Efficiency Detector) project. The HiQuED project is funded by Innovate UK and led by Bay Photonics.

Connecting Photonic expertise from across the UK, the Universities of Glasgow & Strathclyde, CPI-UK and Red Wave Labs will be working alongside Bay Photonics to design and fabricate a state-of-the-art detector for high-sensitivity quantum metrology.

The HiQuED detector will incorporate thermoelectrically-cooled InGaAs photodiode pairs with ultra-high quantum efficiency (QE), matched to enable high common-mode rejection ratio (CMRR) and hermetically packaged within TO8 cans at our state-of the art facility.

The optical transmission is optimised for use between the wavelengths of 1000 nm to 1600 nm. The large spectral bandwidth is attributable to the custom anti-reflective coatings used on both the photodiodes and the flat package window. Reducing the temperature of the photodiodes via the integrated thermoelectric cooler reduces dark current, which when paired with high CMRR and high QE translates into an off the shelf product that is suitable for ultra-sensitive optical metrology, such as continuous-variable quantum experiments.


The photodiodes are interfaced to a low-noise electronics. Consisting of a transimpedance amplifier with up to 100 MHz electrical bandwidth, thermoelectric controllers and individual monitor channels. Integrated firmware allows for software control and monitoring of device parameters such as temperature and bias voltage via USB.

Careful design and combination of these elements targets sub-shot noise measurements in experiments using squeezed states of light, a fundamental quantum resource for measurements beyond what is achievable with classical light. The chassis and mechanics of the device will be compatible with common lab equipment and optical benches. Standard equipment and optic mounting systems can be interfaced to the detector. The device is also height adjustable for ease of alignment and electrically isolated to avoid unwanted noise coupling.

The HiQuED detector lends itself to any sensitive optical detection scheme, classical or otherwise. Example applications include interferometry, gravitational wave detection, imaging, and spectroscopy. Squeezed light also finds application in all-optical continuous-variable quantum computing, where optical fields (rather than single photons) must be detected with extremely high quantum efficiency.

About Bay Photonics – Bay Photonics have been providing photonic packaging solutions since 2007 and have experience in hermetic packaging of photonic components such as laser die, detectors, and PICS. Bay are also experts in development and building small, robustly packaged micro-optic and optical fiber based photonic modules and lasers. Bay Photonics are located within the Electronics & Photonics Innovation Centre (EPIC), Paignton, Devon.



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