Bay Photonics and Alert Technology work on development of a novel real time asbestos monitoring alarm

Bay Photonics and Alert Technology work on development of a novel real time asbestos monitoring alarm

Bay Photonics are pleased to announce their ongoing relationship with Alert Technology to develop, along with the University of Hertfordshire,  the first prototypes of a novel real time asbestos monitoring alarm.

Whilst the University of Hertfordshire are the initial design inspiration, Bay Photonics are now hard at work taking the initial proof of concept devices and supplying 25 prototypes for trials with chosen key customers.

Glenn George, Director at Bay Photonics said: “We have been working closely with Alan Archer and Loretta King at Alert Technology for some years to help get the initial concept devices assembled.  Now moving to the next stage of assembling further prototypes is an exciting next step on this innovative equipment and we look forward to working with Alert as the device progresses, with Bay Photonics as Production Partners.”

Loretta King, Marketing Director at Alert Technologies said: “ We have been fortunate in finding a local company with the expertise to help us from proof of concept through to production worthy device. Glenn, Larry and their engineers have been instrumental in offering advice for solutions to help make our product a World Beater”

The Asbestos ALERT will provide a vital first line of defence against prolonged exposure to airborne asbestos which when disturbed or degraded can become airborne and inhaled. Asbestos exposure can lead to a number of life threatening illnesses such as mesothelioma, asbestosis and other related cancers which can take many years to develop.

Alert Technology Limited is a spin off from The Select Group of Companies who alongside the University of Hertfordshire and members of the EU FP7 funded consortium, developed the world’s first portable, accurate real-time warning device for airborne asbestos.

The ALERT is being commercialised by Alert Technology Ltd which officially commenced trading on 1st January 2017 following receipt of private equity investment at the end of December 2016.  They are based in Paignton, Devon.

Asbestos ALERT is the first affordable real-time warning device that can actually distinguish between asbestos and non-asbestos fibres helping prevent prolonged inadvertent exposure to airborne asbestos so safety precautions can be taken.

Bay Photonics provide service in all areas of the manufacturing industry and have a proven track record in R&D, production and quality, with particular expertise in opto-electronics, photonics, aerospace and semiconductor packaging.

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