Bay Photonics and partners awarded new quantum project SIDEWINDER

Bay Photonics and partners awarded new quantum project SIDEWINDER

Innovative research into the development of a commercially viable, compact, ultra-stable laser source for next generation quantum applications is being undertaken by a consortium including Bay Photonics at their new facilities at the EPIC centre at White Rock Business Park, Paignton.

The SIDEWINDER project will develop a component for quantum technology systems integrators requiring a single laser source to replace multiple lasers and control equipment, which can be included in a system with a minimum of complication. It will result in a component that outputs dual frequencies with narrow linewidth, intrinsically stable in respect to each other, for control of atomic states, e.g. cooling & repump, without additional sources. The component will be simple to integrate and operate by a non-academic user.

Bay Photonics will play a critical role in developing the commercially viable, compact laser device utilizing proprietary optical packaging techniques developed by its highly experienced development engineering team. Research & Innovation Manager, Dr Andrew Robertson explained, “The IP we have at Bay Photonics will be critical in next steps to enable the commercialisation of quantum technologies, which are going to revolutionise navigation, sensing, metrology, and telecommunications. We will get these systems out of the lab, into the real world”.

The SIDEWINDER project started on the 1st of May and will run for 18 months. The additional partners in the consortium are Redwave Labs located at the Harwell Innovation Centre, Oxfordshire and the Fraunhofer Centre for Applied Photonics located in the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.

About Bay Photonics
Bay Photonics offer a range of semiconductor, microelectronic, optic and photonic assembly processes to various different substrates / packages / modules including application specific packaging. Bay Photonics’ markets range from Marine, Medical, Space, Quantum and Data Communications. Bay Photonics are a member of the Torbay Hi-Tech Cluster.

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